Eliminate Mistakes and Misunderstandings

The Power of Agreed Upon in Advance, Operational Definitions

The Problem

Communication problems lurk in the shadows, like a vampire, sucking out resources, bleeding you, your co-workers and whole companies dry. Long hours working under high stress, uncertain if what needs to be done is being done the way it should be done: the way you want it done. It can erupt into anger and frustration when your worst fears happen.

Misunderstanding leads to things not being done as they should be, which leads to recurring problems, too many returns, and heart breaking defects. Time, money and precious resources wasted, crushing profit, cultivating fear, promoting infighting, and disappointing customers, who may never come back. About the only happy people are your competitors!

The Solution:

Put a stake in the hear of the vampire! Take this course to learn how to get real control, to manage with confidence, and have time left to focus on what matters: pride in the work done and enjoyment of working in a great team making lots of money..

How it Works:

With attractive video, and the latest in virtual teaching methods, including supporting documents and exercises, in less that a couple of hours of work you will have the knowledge you need to put into practise what Dr. Walter Shewhart, the founder of statistical process control, calls his greatest contribution in his work at the original AT&T. The use of operational definitions is perhaps the most important key in the explosion of high quality manufacturing from 1930 to the present day, and remains little known, despite its success. Based in Industrial Engineering and Experimental Design, carefully adapted and taught in this course for people like you, and me, who may not be in high speed high tech production, but sure could use some help in being more productive, having fewer mistakes, defects and returns and keeping customers satisfied.

Your Instructor

Daniel Strongin
Daniel Strongin

Mais de 30 anos de experiência em Gestão Integrada, “Flow Production,” e Estratégia para PMEs e Incubadores nos EUA, México e Brasil. Começou seu aprendizado no verdadeiro sentido de Qualidade como Chef ao Ritz Carlton Hotel Corporation em Boston, Ma.

Consultor de operações, administração, melhoria de processos e estratégica para empresas nos Estados Unidas e México, incluindo os estados de California e Wisconsin. Foi executivo de uma cadeia de supermercados gourmet.

Certificado para o American Society of Quality CMQ/OE, (aposentado) atualmente ele é Diretor da IM Organização e Planejamento e Co-Fundador da EcoAct™

He blogs on productivity and building wealth in harmony with Nature at Managenaturally.com.

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May be one of the most important things brought from Science into the world of work. Defining clearly and agree upon it in a way that it can be done can do more to improve how things are done than just about anything. I will show you how.

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