Who, What, Why Introduction

"This short course is the introduction to the course "Income Secrets Revealed," a companion course to the comprehensive "Understand, Predict and Manage More Money." It lays the groundwork AND stands alone. You can take it and get actionable insights, then take the next course when and if you need it." Dan Strongin

Time is Precious

Working hard IN a business, time to work ON it, to improve it, is hard to come by. When you find time, having to decipher meaning from rows and columns of data, in tiny text on spreadsheets can lead to mistakes in interpretation, making things worse.

The module will provide valuable insights for managers into the most important financial reports as they are defined by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and their limitations when trying to use them for operating, rather than accounting.

Common Errors to Avoid

It will introduce the most common errors to avoid, and why, and how to use the data generated for the income statement to create a tool for the ongoing process of managing. It introduces the concepts of visual reporting, as a way to see results in the flow of time, and tell the difference between the natural variation in results built into the process, and out of the ordinary ones that must be found and dealt with immediately.

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