Managing Nature to Preserve the Goodness of Milk

Cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, coffee, natural olives, wine, natural vinegar and beer are made by fermentation processes. Fermentation is really a form of managed rot. Fermentation takes place in nature to break down the nutrients to be available in the soil, and it controls it in a way, but through human intervention we are be able to make something that is more digestible and more delicious for us. It is an old traditional method of storing food that works in harmony with nature as opposed to the more modern industrial processes that we have that work to try to keep nature out, and in the process, lose out on the advantage of flavor and many of the probiotics that take place naturally when you have the fermentation process.However, many of the fermented foods that were used traditionally were made in the house, and in our modern world we want food to travel many many miles because we don't have time to make it ourselves. So I'm not putting a knock on industrial processing of food, but I'm saying that where you can find it, or where you can do it, naturally fermented foods like naturally fermented cheese made from raw milk is a wonderful addition to your diet.